What do you call it… urban?

During the hottest weekend in London this year (13th-14th July) so far, Josephine Avenue in South London was the canvas for numerous artists during the annual alfresco Urban Art Fair 2013. I went on day one and was first greeted by street artists spray painting a train and later by an eclectic mix of paintings, photography, mixed media and sculptures. Despite running for over a decade, this was actually the first time I heard of the Urban Art Fair; one of the exhibiting artists, Merley Okine invited me. I guess it’s called urban art because of the location in the heart of Brixton, but walking along the winding road of Josephine Avenue surrounded by dense foliage, it was easy to believe I was out somewhere in suburbia; it was nice to see different interpretations of personal creativity. Freshly prepared by a French crêpe maker from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, I continued strolling along eating my Belgian chocolate crêpe, I shared with a friend and just admired the creations. There were gaps during my admiration where I remembered my traumatic artistic teenage years. Yes, memories of my school art lessons came back to haunt me. I’ll admit that I am not the best drawer but I tried, however I never got that elusive ‘A’ or ‘B’ for effort! Anyway, as I have forgiven my art teacher :-), let’s have a look at people who probably did get A’s for art at school:

Photos: All pictures taken on my mobile (Artist details below)

On arrival – Street Artists http://www.urbanart.co.uk
On arrival – Street Artists

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What’s wrong with this picture?

touch of art

So, it’s nearly the end of June and the beginning of summer, a ‘British summer’ that is so I am not getting my hopes up! Usually June is pretty quiet for me, and a reminder that half of the year has gone! This year June was more eventful though, with the highlight being ‘A Touch of Art’. I’ll be honest, I’m no art critic but always admired the craft, especially as I am hopeless at drawing, but better at painting lol. I’ve visited the most popular galleries in London, including the Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Wallace Collection. I’ve also visited some of the most famous ones in New York, the Guggenheim and MoMA. There were amazing portraits and sculptures, but what I remember most, when I visited in 2011 were these two posters:

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