Eating yourself to obesity – A blessing or a curse?

Christmas seems so long ago and the New Year is definitely into full swing; we are in the second quarter of the year with people keeping up with the most generic and popular New Year’s resolution – going to the gym more often!

Since the first week in January I’ve tried to book a place at my local Pilates and spinning class but had no luck until the last week in February. It’s still difficult to get a place in any of the classes where people book from midnight 6 days in advance! I guess everyone is trying to shed the Christmas pounds they gained.

A few days ago, I was able to catch up with the BBC documentary ‘Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a day’ episode 1. There was an obese woman called Lynn undergoing ‘gastric sleeve’ surgery to help her lose weight. She has three daughters who are all obese; and was the third member of her family to have weight loss surgery. At one point during filming, the camera focussed on some KFC wipes on her kitchen table, while she was talking about how hard it is being overweight. There’s nothing wrong with having take-away, I do it, we all do but when I saw the KFC wipes, my sympathy for her started to wane, which amplified my scepticism around the weight loss surgery issue:

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It’s a numbers game

Two weeks ago I watched the 1993 film Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington for the first time! I have heard about it but obviously never got round to watching it. Naturally it got me thinking about how far the world has come in the war against HIV and AIDS and how much work still needs to be done, as I discussed in a previous post. December is a month known as the festive / religious season of Christmas, although now it’s more about the retail industry boosting profits than the real meaning of Christmas; red is the usual celebratory colour during this time. From 1st December I noticed people started to adorn themselves with red ribbons, not in preparation for Christmas but for World AIDS day.

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