GÙZZÜ Cocktails

I do love a good cocktail and was pleasantly surprised when I attended a Black Ballard event in London a few days ago, where GÙZZÜ Drinks were serving. I started the night with a pina colada mocktail – Blu Routes.

cocktails, drinks party
Virgin Flirt and Blu Routes served at the #CocktailsAndConvo @BlackBallardUK BHM event.

I usually consume cocktails with friends at bars during happy hour. After my first cocktail I was eager to find out where the GÙZZÜ bar was located. Unfortunately, they don’t have a bar, but cater for events, including birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. They’ve also expanded their beverage line to hot drinks and smoothies.

Love in the Sky @Guzzudrinks


With a professional and elegant presentation, the vibrant visual appeal of the cocktails matched their taste. I started the night with a mocktail and ended it with a Rum & Candy…hmmm yummy.

Rum & Candy


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