My process

Ah, so you like to know the details before jumping into something, I’m the same! These are the step we’ll take to create the copy that can take your business to the next level.

Getting to know each other

Discovery: After you’ve filled out the ‘work request’ form, we’ll jump on a free discovery call to delve a little deeper into what problem you’re trying to solve and l can learn more about your business.

Ask me questions too! Remember, we’re getting to know each other at this stage. If you’re not sure what content you need, don’t worry. I can include a content strategy session in the brief, and we can chat about that after we agree to work together.

Briefing document: Based on the discovery call and what you put in the ‘work request’ form, I’ll outline how I’ll tackle your project and get the results you need.

After you approve the brief I’ll send you the 50% commencement invoice, once that’s paid we’re good to go!

What you get: A great feeling I’m the right person for the job. A full project outline with a cost breakdown and timelines.


I might ask for your existing customer research, current brand guidelines and previous/current content if you have it.

Then I’ll start the research which includes customer survey/interviews, competitor analysis, market trends, keyword research (unless you already have these).

What you get: Assurance that I’m focussing on the correct elements so that your copy speaks directly to your ideal customer.


First draft: I’ll develop a blueprint (wireframe) of how your highly persuasive copy that addresses customer pain points, flows on the page.

You’ll get updates on how things are progressing, without having to chase me for them.

This copy is an important investment for your business so please give honest
feedback. You need to be completely happy with it.

Edits: Revisions are a normal part of the process and you have up to two rounds if needed.

When you are happy with the draft, you’ll pay the final 50% of the invoice,
then I’ll send you the final version.

Please note, only the final version will be professionally proofread before you receive it.

What you get: Drafts with comments explaining why I’ve included certain things and possibly further questions for clarification. Then, a final version of persuasive factual content that sounds just like your brand and is ready to roam free online!

All good things come to an end

With a virtual ‘cheers’ we’ll have a quick debrief and I’ll ask for some written feedback on how you found the whole process of working with me (not just on the copy). Then I’ll let you get on with what you do best – running your business.

I hired Adelina to create webpages for some of my clients. The research she did clearly showed through the copy which was spot on! Adelina obviously has a clear and effective process to create engaging copy and capture each brand’s tone of voice. It was very easy working with Adelina, she kept me updated throughout each project and I trusted that she would deliver a great result.  

Lily Karenza, LK Copywriting