In this section of the blog I’m exploring all things fashion! What’s hot? What’s not? And topical fashion issues.

 I’m focussing more on style but I’m calling this section fashion because that word resonates more with people. African ‘fashion’ in the diaspora and on the continent has a tumultuous history hence its legacy provides plenty of inspiration for my blog!

It’s not just about clothes; I also explore the controversial side of this global industry. Check out all the posts here!

London African Fashion Shows

maxhosa, african fashion, knitwear
MaXHOSA’s distinctive patterns, where show stopping at Africa Utopia London 2016.
knitwear, maxhosa, fashion show, london
MaXHOSA Knitwear on the #AfricaSquad runway. Africa Utopia London 2016.

Photo credits: Belinda Lawley

Interviews with up and coming fashion designers 

korleckie jacket
Esosa E
Esosa E – An African City 

Photo credit: Korlekie

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Snippets of an African legacy


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