Hi, Adelina here… a.k.a your Purpose Copywriter.

Before we go on, you may already know but just in case you don’t, COPY is any text/words that are published.

You know that you need to up your marketing game for your business but just don’t have the time to do it all. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad business owner, it just means you’re human. Remember: “No man is an island” – John Donne, 1642.

Whether you’re creating something new or want to revamp what you have, I can help.

CopywritingCovert browsers into consistent paying customers.

On the internet, copywriting is your online salesperson, a key aspect of your online marketing strategy. It’s the art and science of using persuasive words to encourage readers to take the desired action businesses want them to. When this happens, the reader has been ‘converted’. Copywriting sells the value you provide and converts potential customers into actual customers*.

I can help with…

  • Websites and About pages
  • Email marketing sequences
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Bespoke projects

Content marketing and developing a clear strategy for youEstablish your authority and let customers know you’re great at what you offer. Content writing is the ‘support act’ to copywriting. It warms up your audience by telling an engaging story that educates and entertains (depending on the subject) your reader*.

I can help with…

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Bespoke content
  • Package options available for the above

Copyeditingrefresh your current copy You may already have content BUT does it read well for its intended purpose? If not, then it needs editing to ensure it has a clear structure with consistent and accurate language*.

If you want something that is not listed above, tell me and I’ll see if I can help.

“I hired Adelina to create webpages for some of my clients. The research she did clearly showed through the copy which was spot on! Adelina obviously has a clear and effective process to create engaging copy and capture each brand’s tone of voice. It was very easy working with Adelina, she kept me updated throughout each project and I trusted that she would deliver a great result.” 

Lily Karenza, LK Copywriting  

*Copywriting and copyediting descriptions.