Are you thinking…

“I wish I could get real practical tips on starting and growing a new business.”

Or you’re thinking…

“I really want to support creative small businesses who have the odds stacked against them but deserve the chance to thrive.”

Female entrepreneurs, black owned businesses and many others from underrepresented communities find it difficult to thrive for lots of reasons.

According to NatWest Bank (UK) research, around 77% of female business owners found it stressful managing their business during the coronavirus pandemic, compared to 55% of male entrepreneurs. Women are also 17% more likely than men to struggle balancing business life with family life.

The Federation of Small Businesses (UK) stated that ethnic minority owned businesses contributed £25 billion to the UK economy in 2018, but many struggle to overcome barriers to growth. COVID-19 has exposed many societal inequalities and these businesses find themselves disproportionately cut off from mainstream business help and finance.

If you’re looking for business tips, entrepreneur ideas, advice for business owners or interesting small businesses to support, you can find them here, so you don’t have to search around.

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