Hi, I’m Adelina, a.k.a The Purpose Copywriter.

This is me getting ready to interview another great business – you can find that here

I help e-commerce and online businesses like yours, make your ideal customer stop, look and buy what you’re selling, by working with you to figure out the content you need.

That’s the strategy part.

Growing your business is hard (especially if you’re small), I know, that’s why savvy business owners like you hire me to save them time by doing the research and telling your story in a way that resonates with customers who keep coming back to you.

That’s the writing part.

“Why do you need to research to write,” you may be asking.

Well, purposeful and persuasive messaging crumbles the walls customers build up just before they start shopping around and decide whether to hand you their hard-earned cash. And you better believe that customers are looking at other businesses when searching for a solution, not just you! So, you’ve got to make them choose you!

This isn’t my first play in the writing game, oh no!

I’ve written content for businesses including websites and press releases that got them featured in national UK newspapers.

I’m an NCTJ-qualified journalist, you can find out what that is here, but if you don’t have the time, no worries!

Basically, I’ve got skin in the game. I know how to write compelling stories that make people take action.

“I hired Adelina to create webpages for some of my clients. The research she did clearly showed through the copy which was spot on! Adelina obviously has a clear and effective process to create engaging copy and capture each brand’s tone of voice. It was very easy working with Adelina, she kept me updated throughout each project and I trusted that she would deliver a great result.”  

Lily Karenza, LK Copywriting

One last thing (well, it is on this page).


We shouldn’t be shy to talk about money. It’s a key ingredient, not the only ingredient, but a key one, that all businesses need to grow.

So I curated a UK-specific business funding and advice directory, listing organisations providing support for small and medium (SME) sized enterprises/businesses.

You can get it for F.R.E.E!

We’ll not entirely, it will cost you your email address.

Here is a preview of the directory; it will up updated periodically and now I have your email, I can let you know when that happens – no stress for you!

P.S. Did I mention it also contains in-person and online businesses events? Well, it does!

Let me know if you apply for the funding, courses or go to the events and if there is anything else you want me to include in the directory.