Hustle & Heels founders talk building a social enterprise to help start-ups

Hustle & Heels (H&H) was founded nearly five years ago by Jen Scott and Jamie (Jay) Tavares when they were 27. The success of the business has led to a rising star nomination at the Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards) which takes place in London on Thursday.

Jen Scott and Jamie Tavares are finalists at the BBBAwards.

Jen and Jay met over 15 years ago when they attended a Saturday school for high-achieving students and attended the same college. They separated and went to different universities but remained friends and started their first business after finishing university. Both convinced their families that becoming an entrepreneur was a viable career path for two black girls from east London. Jen’s dad is from Barbados, her mum is from Anguilla and Jay’s parents are from Jamaica.

Most of H&H events are London-based, with some attendees coming from other parts of the UK and Europe.

Jen and Jay mentioned how important it was for them to make time for themselves and take holidays, to stay fresh. But more entrepreneur social events are on the horizon, an exclusive membership scheme and their lunch networking continues to be a staple part of the business. H&H will mark its 5th birthday on 7 December with a special event in London.

Find out more of what H&H offers here.

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