UK Black Tech is ready to shake up the industry

I love Twitter! Along with funny memes, it’s become a platform where I consume a lot of my news and find out about cool events. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the Launch of UK Black Tech, hosted at the very impressive Bloomberg London offices.

The occasion was fitting of the venue.


I didn’t know what to expect, but listened attentively to the UK Black Tech team as they laid out their 100 Year Plan building an inclusive tech economy and unlocking cultural diversity. The aim is to have a burgeoning online space, where tech individuals and digital business are given tools they need to thrive, in one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

For most of us, seeing someone we can relate to can be a catalyst for igniting a passion within, that could otherwise stay dormant. The UK Black Teach team, have carved out their own careers within the tech industry and are keen to lend a helping hand to others.










An extension of this ethos is the #FacesLikeMe campaign, encouraging black tech professionals to use the hashtag stating their tech occupation. This increased visibility along with the support UK Black Tech offers to digital entrepreneurs and tech professionals, aims to diversify the UK tech industry socially and economically.

It was an inspiring evening where young (8–16 year-olds) entrepreneurs gave the audience insight into their startups. We heard how Chocoria is taking her chocolate spread to South Africa, FinTech platforms helping teenagers manage money and improve their financial literacy and Roadman Central, a sportswear price comparison site.

Photo credit: @ukblacktech Instagram

Technology is all about interactivity and UK Black Tech is no different! To understand the needs of those they aim to help, they’ve launched a survey. I’ve already filled it out and you can too, right here. There are also opportunities to get involved and offer your own skills; find out how.


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