#AFWL / African Fashion Week 2015: Five years and counting!

The highly anticipated Africa Fashion Week London descended upon the English capital this weekend. This brainchild of Ronke Ademiluyi, isn’t just about high fashion catwalk shows but also creators of African inspired products and accessories. Africa Fashion Week London provides a platform for African inspired creativity to be showcased globally and celebrates designers from Africa, the UK and the rest of diaspora.

bbc fashion news, African fashion week
Before the party started, designers and models visited the BBC studios in London to talk about the event.
Photo: BBC
enyan fashion house, Njema , African fashion
Still at the BBC Studios, Model Tasha wears Kenyan fashion house, Njema Helena.
Photo: BBC

Start as you mean to go on: Day 1 starts with a bang!

Day 1 start off with a bang. Photo: Mike Rolls
Photo: Mike Rolls

The burgeoning African fashion industry is going from strength to strength. There is no doubt that events like Africa Fashion Week London are a contributing factor to increasing awareness of African designer talents. Contrary to popular belief, African Fashion isn’t just about African prints but also, elegant tailoring and a fusion of various textiles. Endorsements from celebrities such as Michelle Obama who has been spotted in various designs by Duro Oluwa and fashion houses, including Vivienne Westwood and Burberry (despite the controversy) have also helped to move the African fashion industry from the fringes of the fashion world.


Michelle Obama wears African fashion
June 2015: First Lady Michelle Obama lands in Milan wearing a Duro Olowu skirt.
Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images


AFWL is collaborative and works with other events such as The Mayor of London’s Black History Month celebrations and the annual Africa Centre Summer Festival. It’s this collaborative format that allows the African fashion story to be seen by everyone and not just those ‘in the know’, which has seen African fashion become more than just a “traditional” or “ethnic” alternative but an important facet of the global fashion industry. The love for African fashion not only has a positive impact on the industry itself, but also on the perception of the continent.

Africa rise and be seen by the world!

African Fashion Instagram
There is fun for everyone!
Photo: AFWL Instagram

African fashion london

Photo: Mike Rolls

AFWL instagram trio

AFWL instagram non print man AFrican Fashion Week 11363725_807611582670200_1275206207_n

Photo: Mike Rolls
Photo: Mike Rolls


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