Bag this one up please!

July has been a pretty good month so far, for those who know me there is always one obvious reason. This month has also seen the start of an actual British summer! The second weekend of the month has been the hottest of the year. When the sun comes out,  like most people I have a little more of a bounce in my step and raid my wardrobe for the hidden gems neglected during the dreary winter months. I’m not really an accessories type of girl, but I do make exceptions! Bright like the summer’s day my handmade N’damus bag was catching the eye of passers-by as I strolled up Brixton Hill against a slight cool breeze, to the Urban Art Fair. I had no idea what to expect at the alfresco Urban Art Fair as it was the first time I attended, but I didn’t expect to bump into Brixton’s finest bag designer, N’dmaus’ Nneka, while wearing one of her creations and I wasn’t the only one! It’s nice that Brixton supports local talent, which stretches far beyond its own borders and even into the glossy pages of Vogue Magazine UK (August 2013 edition, out now)!

It’s not often that one can boast about getting a fashion scoop before Vogue Magazine, but I can (and so can Hollywood Actress Nia Long)! Yes, I’ve been rocking N’damus handmade bags long before Vogue Magazine lifted its eyebrows to the brand, here are some personal favourites (feel free to comment on my excellent photography skills lol):

Boxed-in crimson
Boxed-in crimson

Handmade like the rest, brown and proud
One for they guys actually – Handmade like the rest, brown and proud!
They call it mellow yellow...
They call it mellow yellow…

This alone, doesn’t do the brand justice; you’ll have to visit to get the full N’damus experience, from retro brief cases to iPad cases. So if you haven’t heard of N’damus until now, drop them a line via their ‘Contact Us’ link and let them know @doubleaad gave you the heads up :-)!

Bags featured in Vogue UK, photos from

ndamus vogue spread

Theron side view

Tote n damus



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